Testimonials - Canada Propeller Inc.

Cozy camp

Cozy Camp is a fishing resort in N.W. Ontario. We have been using Piranha props for three years now on our rental boats. We have noticed that our prop expenses have dropped substantially. With aluminum props we find that the cost is far greater & we can get a Piranha prop for the cost of repairing an aluminum prop. Plus we can recover or cost of broken or damaged props much easier. They are a breeze to replace a blade or hub. As far as performance, we compared them to the aluminum props & the overall performance meets or exceeds the aluminum. The service from Canada Propeller has been great & they have a very knowledgeable staff. If anyone would need information from us about the Piranha props feel free to contact us By e-mail  cozycamp@lincsat.com ... Thank you.

Dan & Anne Burkholder
Cozy Camp
"North of the Tension Zone"

Boreal Camps

I am a fishing camp operator in the shield region of Northern Sask. The lakes have many submerged rocks and reefs. For many years I have been using Piranah props in conjuntion with skeg guards. Damage to bottom ends of motors has been minimal. An added bonus is the fact that only the blades damaged by impact with rocks can be replaced, rather than the whole prop.  

Mort Harbicht
Boreal Camps
La Ronge Sk.

Graham Rose

I purchased a set of Piranha H1418A hydrobite blades and they performed well! The bad news is that they found some rocks and are done.  The really good news is that those H1418 blades gave their life so that I could save over $4,000 in lower unit rebuild.  To replace the blades it took 10 minutes  and we were back on the water wakeboarding in no time at all. 

I would rather be on the water rather than in it, looking for my lower unit. The ability to swap pitch for the purpose at hand is excellent as well!

Well done to Piranha for their great props! Piranha props definitely deserves props!

Graham Rose

Deryl and Darlene - Murtle Lake, BC (Blackwell Parks Operations Ltd.)

My husband Deryl works out at Murtle Lake, BC each summer as one of the Park Patrols. He is totally impressed with Piranha propellers and every time I go out to Murtle he tells me about how easy they are to change, which is a real bonus as they can't afford to have a lot of down time.

He also likes them for all the following reasons..... they are light weight, easy to change one blade, retains pitch and shape (does not bend), do not have to change hub assembly just the damaged blades, improves fuel economy, less wear on leg, can change pitch of propeller by changing three blades but using the same hub. Another reason to buy their props is they have a cool logo!