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Aluminum is the basic prop material and the standard equipment on most new engines.

Available for engines 4 hp through 300 hp.
Available in 3 and 4 blade configurations.
Choice of left or right rotation.

We choose to sell the highest quality aluminum props.

Made from pure top grade pure aluminum. (No scrap metal)
Pour and remove air bubbles manufacturing provides finer grain size and lowest porosity, which means a stronger propeller that's easier to repair.
Every prop is electronically balanced for unparalleled precision and performance.
Paint applications follow stringent salt water standards, for durable propeller coatings.
Combination of extruded aluminum and "VERTON" blades provide strength and performance between aluminum and stainless.

Numerous magazines rate Piranha "best of props tested!"

Dozens of endorsements by fishing camps and rental fleets.

The Volvo factory now installs Piranha propellers as original equipment.

Aluminum versus Piranha
Why order a Piranha propeller?
Stronger than aluminum: Yes No
Versatile due to exchangeable blade system Yes No
If damaged - lowest repair cost: Yes No
Replace blades yourself - simply & quickly: Yes No
Repaired blades as strong as original: Yes No
Blades cannot blister: Yes No
Blades cannot corrode: Yes No
Unlimited lifetime hub warranty: Yes No
Sales policy allows exchanges: Yes No
Easy and affordable to try different sizes: Yes No
Made in USA: Yes Some
Toll free customer service line: Yes No
Main materials used in construction: Nylon/Carbon Fiber with alum. hub Aluminum
Piranha Wins - No Contest


Key Points

Stronger than Aluminum:
Piranha propellers are 17% stronger than aluminum props and no other composite propeller comes close to the strength of Piranha.
Piranha propellers will outperform aluminum propellers and in some cases, stainless.
No Down Time:
No more costly damage problems: Should you strike something in the water with your Piranha, simply remove the propeller nut, push out the damaged blade and slide in a replacement blade. In minutes and for a far lower cost than an aluminum repair, you are on your way. No waiting for repairs -- no down time.
Lifetime Hub Warranty:
With a lifetime unconditional hub warranty, all you need ever replace with a Piranha, is a broken blade - - if you can break it.
Full Selection:
There is a Piranha for nearly every outboard and sterndrive application -- from 8 hp through 300 hp.
We have thoroughly tested Piranha propellers.
We extensively test all the propellers we sell. Piranha applications work exceptionally well.
You are in good company with Piranha.
When you look at who uses Piranha you will be proud to have an American made Piranha propeller on your boat. From government agencies such as the US Navy Seals, and Dept. of Fisheries to hundreds of commercial fleets and marine engine builders such as Volvo.
The Balance System:
The Piranha injection molding system results in perfectly matched propellers. If a blade is damaged and replaced with a new Piranha blade, the repaired assembly is exactly the same weight, balance, shape and pitch as the original propeller, unlike a rebuilt aluminum propeller which often varies from stock configurations. Once you have welded an aluminum propeller, it is not as strong as the original. The molecular structure of aluminum changes when heated. These deviations from the original aluminum prop can result in performance loss and drive train wear ... this is not a problem with Piranha composite propellers.
The design incorporates an extruded aluminum inner core with an over molded 'Verton' coating. Tapered slots retain the blades, yet allow them to simply slide out for fast replacement.
The blades are made from a high tech composite called 'Verton'. This is a blend of long fiber nylon and carbon fiber. As well as tough, Verton blades are virtually corrosion free. With the Piranha system, a combination of lower inertial weight, the shock absorption characteristics of Verton and a patented blade and hub design, there is more protection to the lower unit than either stainless steel or die cast aluminum propellers.

Piranha Propellers are also sold in Kit Form

A Repairable propeller isn't much without Repair Parts...

You've probably already heard it all before from your veteran boating buddies, the folks at the marina, and every magazine writer in the business, that "You should always carry a spare prop." That's not bad advice at all. But if you use a piranha propeller we've got BETTER advice:

"Always carry Spare Blades."

Piranha's boat propeller offers the fastest repair time around, but it's important to have the parts to do the repair with. Whether you use 3 or 4 blade propellers, since you can't break more blades than are on the prop, we encourage you to simply carry a full spare set. True, you probably won't damage them all at once, but this way you can ensure the propeller remains properly balanced and maintains the correct pitch. Besides, won't you feel better knowing you can fix it if you do, without ruining the rest of your day? Since you need a wrench to fix the propeller and an easy way to keep it all stowed on board, we realized that offering a kit was exactly what our customers needed. With a Piranha kit you'll be set to rescue your day of boating fun and save a few bucks at the same time with the special price reduction on kit packages.

Propulsion Kits Include:

  • The Piranha Propeller of your Choice
  • A completely Extra set of Blades
  • Floating Propeller Wrench
  • Piranha Storage Bag

Performance Kits Include:

  • The Piranha Propeller of your Choice
  • A completely Extra set of Blades
  • Floating Propeller Wrench
  • Piranha Storage Bag
  • Piranha Hydrofoil Stabilizer

Lowest prices guaranteed on all propulsion and performance kits but you must call

Lowest prices guaranteed on individual blades but you must call

Introducing Hydrobite, Piranha's Performance Blade

HydroBite propellerPiranha Propellers launched their new HydroBite propeller blades at the Miami International Boat show on February 11th.

San Luis Obispo, CA, February 11, 2010 - Today Piranha Propellers launched the first blades in our new HydroBite series. Utilizing newly developed Piranha HydroBite technology, these blades help to bridge the performance gap between the expensive stainless steel propellers and the economical, versatile composite propellers.

The HydroBite series features precisely designed flow fences on the upper and lower surfaces of our blades providing a solid "bite" and producing better overall performance. "Testing substantiated improvement in all areas, including hole-shot, handling and top speed," says engineer and president, Brad Stahl.

The new HydroBite blades retain all the current attributes of the patented Piranha modular propeller system, including the ability to protect the lower unit and repair blades within minutes. The title "ultimate propeller" can certainly be claimed by this new line of performance blades.

Initial blades will be available in 14x18 four blade and 14x20 four blade options, beginning May 1, 2010. They will be backed by the standard Piranha 30 day money back guarantee and blade exchange programs.

STAINLESS STEEL PROPS: ...the ultimate in propellers.
PowerTech: ...Mastery in Stainless Steel.

"Learn all about how to properly prop your rig with special guest, Denis Fournier, propeller technical specialist representing and Powertech Props. Take out the notepad folks, school is in session!" - Listen

Available for 9.9 hp through 900 hp.
Available in 3, 4 and 5 blades configurations.
Available in left or right hand rotation.

Detailed tests rate PowerTech the best stainless props available, for sterndrives and outboard motors.

See a TV Video from Mr. Steve Powers President of Powertech Stainless about propellers and more!!!

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PowerTech makes over 70 different prop styles, so you can dial in maximum performance.
Cast in one integral piece in a ceramic mold.
24-10 SST Alloy, for ultimate strength, hardness and durability.
Polished to perfection.
American engineered and manufactured, since 1980.
Unsurpassed quality. For your assurance of total quality there are several fine tuning procedures and checks that can be made, after the propeller has been built. Some prop manufactures charge hundreds of dollars on top of the price of the propeller, for this labor intensive post production effort. PowerTech believes these extra steps should be part of producing the finest possible propellers. Here's what Powertech does to each individual propeller after it is made:
  • Leading edges are sharpened.
  • Entire prop detailed for material flaws.
  • Blade height tolerances verified.
  • Hand balanced.
You can even order a custom propeller within the many styles available at no extra cost.
Not looking for a custom propeller but want to upgrade to stainless steel? Use our online order form and get your PowerTech Lightning propeller today.
Compare our deep discount prices to the high prices demanded by other major manufacturers. Simply put - we offer the best for less.

Is Stainless right for Me?

Stainless is the proven answer to maximum performance. (You never see a race boat running aluminum props.) Count on marginal speed and acceleration gains, without doing anything else to your boat.
At seven times stronger than aluminum the blades hold their shape through the varying torque applied during its rotation. The strength also allows the blades to be thinner, allowing the prop to turn easier in water, and that unused horsepower can be applied to better performance shapes and heavier cupping.
Durability is a key component. Larger stainless props can run through most underwater objects - - from sandy bottoms and coral, to crab traps and floating wood - - without damage.
Hit rocks or something big and the PowerTech hub system will give you the final line of defense. In almost every such case, these hubs will spin or slip, providing the relief necessary to save shafts and gears. Truth is, it's the cost that scares most people away from stainless - - which brings us to our next point.
You will be pleasantly surprised at how little you need to spend to own the finest in stainless.
Our high sales volumes permit us to offer deep discounts. Call today.
Call 1-866-621-7767
For the best inboard propeller value you can find.
Inboard boat propellers come in hundreds of different types and sizes.
Bronze and Nibral are the most popular materials used for inboard boat props.
"Nibral" is stronger and now rivals bronze in popularity.
Four blade props are gaining in popularity over three blades, because they generally offer stronger thrust, smooth operation and substantial fuel savings.
Inboard boat propellers come in several classes, with Class 1 being the top rating.
Class 1 propellers usually involve one craftsman following through with each production stage, rather than an assembly line procedure.
While quality is paramount, we know that price is also an important factor. Accordingly we offer prices that keep our customers happy.
During the boating season inboard props can be hard to find, therefore you should always carry a spare.
For inboard boat props please call 1-866-621-7767
for our special prices and ordering