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Best Possible Propellers:

For over twenty years, Canada Propeller has had a policy of identifying extensive testing, the best performing and highest quality propellers on the market. As new and better propellers come on the market, we place them in our inventory and offer them to you.

Get What You Really Need:

We are not obligated to sell a specific make of propeller. This is because we do not have direct affiliation with a boat or motor company. We know what works. That's all we sell.


The people at Canada Propeller are trained and experienced propeller specialists. You can benefit from this experience either directly or through our cross Canada dealer network. Propellers are our mainstay, not just a sideline to selling boats. We can tell you what is recommended for your specific application. Simply forward a completed information form and we will respond to you generally within 48 hours.


Our high sales volumes allow us to offer the best prices on the quality props that we sell. Check out our pricing.

Don't just take our word for it:

Check out actual independant propeller testing for major brand propellers.

Read an Independant Propeller Test